Switch Joystick - Arcade style

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Joystick - Arcade Switched (JAS) is a large, robust, simple joystick that enables a person with large movements and no fine joystick skills to select the closure of its 4 internal microswitches by moving the stick either Up, Down, Left or Right. Each microswitch is wired via 0.5m of cable to a 3.5mm jack plug - labelled U, D, L, R respectively.

The joystick as supplied responds to joystick movements in eight directions as it can close two adjacent microswitches at the same time (e.g U and L). On request, we can re-assemble JAS for just 4 direction output.

JAS can also be used in conjunction with LEPMIS 4 Switch Analogue Port Adapter (4SAPA) for basic game control of the PS3-SAP analogue port. 

The joystick case has threaded nuts in the base so it can be securely bolted to a surface.

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