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This PC Game Controller version of the ORTHROS one handed handset provides access to 16 buttons and two analogue joysticks,  all accessible by just one hand. The unit is based on the Code Mercenaries "JoyWarrior" 24A8L game controller chip and has an integral USB lead.


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This familiar smooth and accurate wheelchair style joystick acts as a PC compatible mouse. Includes sockets for adding your buttons for Left and Right click - all can be positioned just where you want them.

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PC mouse control using either your TASH standard accessible joystick or 5 buttons.

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This unit works as a standard PC Game Controller, but is designed to accept the LEPMIS range of PS3-SAP analogue and switched accessories

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Drivers you can download from the internet that should allow you to connect your PS3-SAP to your PC and run it as a game controller.

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