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The latest revision to XFPS adapter now includes wired headphone support! And still all the features from all the previous XFPS, the original, unique mouse and keyboard adapter for Xbox 360

You'll also have auto fire functionality at your fingertips. But the biggest and newest improvement in the XFPS line is the ability to use Xbox 360 wired headset! Now you can talk strategy with your teammates and friends or trash talk to your enemies while you snipe them down or give them headshots while using your keyboard and mouse. 

- Compatible with xbox 360 wired headset (New !)

- Compatible with PS3 controller (New !)

- Compatible with PS3 controller sixaxis tilt function (New !)

- Brings all new auto fire functionality to the Xbox/Xbox 360 wired controller and PS3 controller (New !)

- Compatible with most PS/2 or USB keyboard and mouse combinations, those expensive FPS set-ups have not gone to waste!

- Instant plug and play technology

- Ideal for use with all FPS titles such as Call of Duty and Halo series

- Highly durable modern' black’ colored shell

- Compatible with all xbox 360 games

- Compatible with all versions of xbox 360 consoles (included xbox 360 slim)

- Super high sensitivity precision and smoothness

- Compatible with different versions of Xbox 360 and Slim consoles.


1) An official wired Xbox 360 controller has to be used. NOT wireless controller or wireless controller connected with play and charge cable. 

2) You can't plug in 2 or more of the same type controller into the XFPS Live Adapter

3) First plug in the Xbox 360 wired controller to XFPS Live then plug the XFPS Live into the Xbox 360 console. After the console recognizes the device, the XFPS Live adapter can be used


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