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PS3-SAP is a direct replacement for the Sony SixAxis controller - so it works directly with PlayStation3, but requires an optional crossover converter device and a wired controller to work with Xbox360, Xbox ONE, PlayStation4.

PS3-SAP has 17 sockets to give you full access to ALL functions of the standard controller, using ANY standard access button positioned to suit YOU.

PS3-SAP has 2 analogue joystick input ports so you can choose from a range of off-the-shelf TASH joysticks (requires our TAD adaptor), or our joysticks, or even basic game control via switchs (requires our 4SAPA)

LEPMIS offer a unique range of smooth and accurate joysticks and are happy to advise - or for a modest fee we can assess your exact requirements with a home assessment visit.

PS3-SAP includes additional buttons for Select, Start and PS to make it easier to set up your games. The PS button glows with a soft blue light to show that the unit is powered (PS3-SAP is powered over a standard USB cable from a USB port on your games console)

PS3-SAP is manufactured as a class 1 Medical Device, and carries the CE marking for the Medical Devices Directive. The user inputs are all electrically isolated from the Playstation electronics for improved safety to the user and increased protection for the Playstation.

At last, disability is no longer a barrier to playing the most recent and exciting games for the latest video games consoles!

Dimensions: 180 x 127 x 40 mm      Weight: 0.375kg

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