ORTHROS One Handed Control (with SAP)

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The main feature of this controller is that the SHAPE buttons are duplicated on both sides of the unit for use by either left or right handed persons.  It should be noted however that the standard configuration is for the right hand lower three buttons to actually perform the functions of the SYSTEM buttons, - Start, Select and PS.

Using the Squiddy switch expander in conjunction with the PS3-SAP, ( You will need a PS3-SAP  PS3-Switch Access Pod   ),  ALL of the switch functions can be re-configured to achieve any switch action pattern that is desired. It is quite simple therefore to swap the Start, Select and PS leads for the Box, Ex and Circle leads to change from right to left hand use.

The Shoulder buttons, L1, L2, R1, R2, are implemented on the back spine of the handset, and are labelled up as per the format of the PS3-SAP and “Squiddy” expansion box.

The bottom joystick is normally configured to the Left hand joystick of a standard controller. And the top the right.  NOTE:  Using the Squiddy  switch expander, the bottom joystick can be configured to function in either “Push” or “Tilt” mode, depending on the users particular preference. A small switch on the left hand side of the Squiddy expander makes this selection.  All other switch actions are as the standard SONY handset. Rumble is not currently implemented on the ORTHROS controller.


Squiddy switch expander.


See an additional video of a pre-production prototype here:  SpecialEffect-ORTHROS

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